Minecraft Updates

Please download the newest Minecraft Launcher off of Minecraft.net if you haven’t already. Now that you have the new launcher, please do not update until we have updated the server (assuming you want to play online). Updating the Minecraft server is a long process. Whenever a new version is released, we have to wait a day (maybe less depending on the bukkit devs) to download Craftbukkit, which is sort of like Hey0’s plugin, but operates on a much lower level, and has MANY more plugins, which we use.

Here is the exact process:

  1. Mojang releases an update.
  2. Bukkit team releases a new bukkit build
  3. We get new bukkit build, shut down the server, back up the worlds, and start up new bukkit build.
  4. Figure out which plugins are incompatible with the new bukkit build (most likely permissions)
  5. Update plugins
  6. Find out which plugins are incompatible with new version of a plugin
  7. Repeat steps 5&6 until everything is working

THEN we can finally use the server.

I really wish Craftbukkit would auto-update when it ran… either that or if someone would write a new plugin that would auto-update it along with any installed plugins. Hey! Maybe I should do that. 😉

Bottom line though, is if you want to play on the Minecraft server, do not update your Minecraft client until we have updated the server. (We will probably say that it’s updated in a blog post).

Server Updates

Recently we started having a lot of issues with our VPS that we used to host TeamSpeak and Minecraft. The problem was a lack of bandwidth. With more than 3 people on the TeamSpeak server, a lot of packets were being lost because the server did not have enough bandwidth to send the data out to everyone in the server. After several days of going back and forth with customer support, the server provider basically told us that it wasn’t there problem. Therefore, we will not be renewing our rental of the VPS located in New Jersey.

One of our adminisrator’s friends, that has his own server, has offered us some space on his server to run TeamSpeak and Minecraft. We would like to thank him very much for this opportunity! The minecraft server has already been transferred over, and is now running. The new server url is: damnhigh.com:25595. Over the next couple of days we will be looking at some options to allow you to continue using the mc.kilo-tango.net url you are used to.

Tomorrow we wil transfer the TeamSpeak server over. The DNS records have been edited, so you can continue using ts.kilo-tango.net to access TeamSpeak. Tomorrow night, the records will be changed to the new server. You should not notice any disruption in service.

We would like to apologize for this inconveniance.

Minecraft Bukkit Mod

With the demise of hey0’s server administration and customization mod, a new mod has stepped up to the plate. Bukkit mod is the new hey0’s, but much better. There are already hundreds of plugins for the mod, ranging from simple chat mods that give each user a color when they chat in game, to economy mods that allow players to run shops; buying and selling things from other players.

As you porbably know, one of the updates made Hey0’s mode incompatible with the server. The bukkit team was planning on updating hey0’s mod themselves until bukkit was ready for release, but with the Minecraft updates rolling out so frequently, they really had no choice but to only focus on their own project. Luckily, bukkit quickly became very stable and now many servers are using it, including ours. We haven’t yet installed any plugins, but I am working on getting them installed. If you have any plugins that you would really like to see our server running, make a post in the forums and get other members on board with your idea, and I will add it. Currently we will be running the Permissions mod, and a few other sub-mods for Permissions that help out.

Here is the bukkit website. Plugins for bukkit can be found here.

New Forums & SMTP

I just added a bunch of new forums, so we can actually get some proper discussions going on! Populate those forums!

In other news, we installed an SMTP server on our box, but it’s still throwing a fit. As such registrations still need to be manually activated by an administrator; the contact form on here will not be working until this problem is sorted out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In addition to this, our integration software doesn’t work 100% as intended. So if you are a member of the community and would like a blog to post in, please contact me and I will get everything set up for you. WP-United .9 is on the way, so hopefully once that is out these issues will be resolved.

Also, avatars are now enabled.

Registration issues

If you have regsitration issues please talk to one of the administrators. We will activate your account for you. Our smtp server is fighting with us and doesn’t want to distribute e-mails.

In addition to this, if you would like to make posts on the blog, please talk to one of the administrators and we will get that set up for you.

Welcome to the new Kilo-Tango website!