Racing Discontinued, Twitter Activity, Movie Night

The Bad News

Unfortunately due to time constraints and monetary issues, the racing program will have to be discontinued, at least for now.

It may possibly be picked up again in the future, but Kilo and I neither have the time or the money to continue it for now or for the foreseeable future.

We are planning on selling the beetle and the engines, however if we cannot find a buyer (or buyers) and get back what we put in to it, we may hold on to the parts for the future.

For now, the website has been deactivated and there will be no further updates.

The Good News

I have rediscovered the community’s twitter account and I plan on keeping it updated as much as I can. In addition, we have decided we are actually going to start doing let’s plays and possibly streaming. I know this has been something that we have planned and announced in the past, but there has never been a concrete plan, there is now. Expect further updates.

We are also planning a community movie night! If you have suggestions for what to watch please head over to our Steam community and let us know!

Good News Everyone! Arma II + DayZ On Sale!

If you go to the link at the end of this post, you will find ARMA II on sale for any price you want from the Humble Weekly Sale! Beat $6.00 and you get the DayZ mod and ARMA II Gold edition as well! Act quick, the sale is only going on for a week!

ARMA II is a military simulator and is a game widely played in the KT community. Members: if you don’t have this game, pick up this KT essential now! Guests and prospective members: feel free to pick up this staple of our community today! Remember, the sale is only active from today (Jan 16th 2014) until next Wednesday (Jan 22nd 2014)

Note from Kilo__: I will be purchasing extra copies of this game. If you want/need this deal, I will be saving keys. Please get in contact with me to get these from me.

Kilo’s first Video: Minecraft Skyblock

Yes, it’s true. While I have been apart of Kilo Tango videos in the past, I have never made my own video. That is, until now.

My first video is out and it is of me showing off my progress in Skyblock. Skyblock is a level you can download for Minecraft (no mods required). Without giving too much away, I can tell you the level consists of: a 3 deep L shaped chunk of dirt with a tree, a bucket of lava, and ice block with a 3x3x3 cube of sand in the distance. Everything is floating 65 blocks in the air. If you fall off, you fall straight into the abyss and die.

The point of skyblock is a challenge survival level: Everything is available to keep you alive, you just have to figure out how to utilize it all!

Anyway, that’s out there now, showing my progress as of 11/21/12. Be sure to leave a comment on the video. I really do care what you think!

DayZ and TFC Servers

We are proud to announce our brand-new DayZ and Terrafirmacraft servers!

DayZ Server is called [UK] Tea and Crumpets [Private Hiv, Vet, GMT -10] – hosted by If you cannot find it in the server browser you can remote connect with the IP: and using the default port (2302). As you could probably guess, the server is running on it’s own private hive!

We also put up a server for the Minecraft mod Terrafirmacraft, with Smart Moving. The IP address is

Our Tech minecraft server will be moved to this box some time in the near future. and Minecraft 1.9

Kilo-Tango has purchased the domain to make it easier to access. You no longer need the hyphen!

Our Minecraft server has also been updated. With the release of the 1.8 update and many new features, including a new map generation system, we wanted to generate a new world. Over the next month or so we will be splicing some of the biggest projects from our previous world into the new one (such as the amazing Battleship created by Aur0ra145 and InsertEvilLaugh). The server was also updated with the pre-release of 1.9.

Minecraft Updates

Please download the newest Minecraft Launcher off of if you haven’t already. Now that you have the new launcher, please do not update until we have updated the server (assuming you want to play online). Updating the Minecraft server is a long process. Whenever a new version is released, we have to wait a day (maybe less depending on the bukkit devs) to download Craftbukkit, which is sort of like Hey0’s plugin, but operates on a much lower level, and has MANY more plugins, which we use.

Here is the exact process:

  1. Mojang releases an update.
  2. Bukkit team releases a new bukkit build
  3. We get new bukkit build, shut down the server, back up the worlds, and start up new bukkit build.
  4. Figure out which plugins are incompatible with the new bukkit build (most likely permissions)
  5. Update plugins
  6. Find out which plugins are incompatible with new version of a plugin
  7. Repeat steps 5&6 until everything is working

THEN we can finally use the server.

I really wish Craftbukkit would auto-update when it ran… either that or if someone would write a new plugin that would auto-update it along with any installed plugins. Hey! Maybe I should do that. 😉

Bottom line though, is if you want to play on the Minecraft server, do not update your Minecraft client until we have updated the server. (We will probably say that it’s updated in a blog post).

Personal Blog Post: Adding New Cars to GTA IV

As everyone in KT knows I’ve been messing around with GTA IV, modding it, especially surrounding the emergency vehicles, and lighting systems. Lately I’ve been feeling like I want more cars in the game to mess with, and I was trying to find out if it was possible to add NEW cars (since SparkIV only allows you to REPLACE .wft  and .wtd [textures/models] inside of the .img [container for textures/models) files). I stumbled across this little gem. Apperantly adding new cars in inroduces some bugs, such as you not being able to play any mini-games, which is unfortunate (but really, who played those anyways), but I think that the benefits outweigh the losses. I’ll be putting this to the test tomorrow.

I’ve also been trying to replace the car fleet with their real world counterparts, but I’ve struggled to find models that have any kind of deforamation on impact, which personally is a dealbreaker. I have come across one awesome mod though. Some guy came up with script mod to allow you to use put convertible tops on cars up and down (with specific car models that are made to work with his mod). That’s pretty damn cool! I’ll probably make a video about that later.

Since we’re on the topic of GTA IV, here’s a video of Matt being retarded. =)