About tkmr

One of the founders and administrators of Kilo-Tango, I really focus on trying to come up with new ways that we can present ourselves to the world, and invite new members to our community. Most recently I have begun trying to jump-start both a podcast, and a Let's Play series.

Racing Discontinued, Twitter Activity, Movie Night

The Bad News

Unfortunately due to time constraints and monetary issues, the racing program will have to be discontinued, at least for now.

It may possibly be picked up again in the future, but Kilo and I neither have the time or the money to continue it for now or for the foreseeable future.

We are planning on selling the beetle and the engines, however if we cannot find a buyer (or buyers) and get back what we put in to it, we may hold on to the parts for the future.

For now, the website has been deactivated and there will be no further updates.

The Good News

I have rediscovered the community’s twitter account and I plan on keeping it updated as much as I can. In addition, we have decided we are actually going to start doing let’s plays and possibly streaming. I know this has been something that we have planned and announced in the past, but there has never been a concrete plan, there is now. Expect further updates.

We are also planning a community movie night! If you have suggestions for what to watch please head over to our Steam community and let us know!

Something is coming

In the next few weeks we will be unveiling a new project that myself (tkmr) and another member (Kilo) are working on.

We are really excited about it, and we hope you will be too. It’s going to be a lot of work, fairly expensive, and a hell of a lot of fun.

Vroom-vroom, bitches.

Teamspeak Down

Due to what appears to be a server issue on Teamspeak’s side, our main Teamspeak server is temporarily offline. Please contact an administrator for the URL for the temporary backup server.

As of 23:55 MST 16 May 2013 the standard server is back up. Our NPL license from Teamspeak has expired, and did not autorenew (even though the server has been consistently active). I have applied for a new Non-Profit License. Their website states it may take up to 15 business days from the time of submit before approval is granted. This should not affect normal operations, but if the server goes down we will have to manually start it back up.

DayZ and TFC Servers

We are proud to announce our brand-new DayZ and Terrafirmacraft servers!

DayZ Server is called [UK] Tea and Crumpets [Private Hiv, Vet, GMT -10] – hosted by Tsohost.com. If you cannot find it in the server browser you can remote connect with the IP: and using the default port (2302). As you could probably guess, the server is running on it’s own private hive!

We also put up a server for the Minecraft mod Terrafirmacraft, with Smart Moving. The IP address is

Our Tech minecraft server will be moved to this box some time in the near future.

Teamspeak moved;Minecraft down

Our host for Teamspeak and Minecraft has discontinued the lease on his server. Backups have been made, and Teamspeak has been moved to a new server. Minecraft will be down for some time, however.

If you cannot connect to the TS server using the subdomain ts.kilo-tango.net, connect to odd-sock.co.uk. The DNS has been changed to reflect the IP change, but will take some time to propagate.

kilotango.net and Minecraft 1.9

Kilo-Tango has purchased the domain http://kilotango.net to make it easier to access. You no longer need the hyphen!

Our Minecraft server has also been updated. With the release of the 1.8 update and many new features, including a new map generation system, we wanted to generate a new world. Over the next month or so we will be splicing some of the biggest projects from our previous world into the new one (such as the amazing Battleship created by Aur0ra145 and InsertEvilLaugh). The server was also updated with the pre-release of 1.9.

TeamSpeak Downtime

Today the server that hosts our TeamSpeak went down. Unfortunately, we do not have TeamSpeak set to auto-start, when the server comes back up.

We are having some trouble getting the auto-start script to work, but TeamSpeak is back up while we work out the problems.

In addition, due to the outdated nature of our WordPress-PHPBB3 integration plugin, I have disabled it. If you wish to post articles to the blog, you will now require a separate account. Please contact me if you are interested in making blog posts.

Downtime all done! Kilo-Tango Roadtrip Series

We have finished switching server providers and should not have any more scheduled downtime.


On a much lighter note, Craig (Alpha) has arrived in America, and our roadtrip officially begins on Monday! We will be keeping you updated on our travels throughout the roadtrip. I will also add all of our stops to a google calender, and post a public link! If you would like to keep up to date with us you can check our twitter feed (twitter.com/ktcommunity), watch this blog for updates, or check the forums!