WARNING: Potential Trojan Infection

Attention members of Kilo-Tango and the gaming community at large:

This evening, October 12th, I ran into password stealing trojan during a random scan. I was using Windows Defender to preform this scan. The offending file was an Overwolf dll. My research on the internet has turned up mixed results. Many people are reporting triggers from clean installs of Teamspeak / Overwolf, yet the owners of Overwolf are claiming it’s not them.

As far as I’ve found, the Trojan is specific to stealing online gaming passwords such as Steam, MMOs, Origin and Social Club. Members: Since almost everyone uses Teamspeak, I am recommending you do a full scan of your system. Community: IF you use Teamspeak or Overwolf, run a scan. This is a targeted payload, infecting a gaming application and stealing gaming passwords. Overwolf might not be the only attack vector. I would recommend a scan anyway.

I might have done something that infected my PC specifically, but I’m concerned Teamspeak Official is delivering this payload, either intentionally or unintentionally. They could be victims of a targeted MITM, inside man or other breach.

Kilo out.