Good News Everyone! Arma II + DayZ On Sale!

If you go to the link at the end of this post, you will find ARMA II on sale for any price you want from the Humble Weekly Sale! Beat $6.00 and you get the DayZ mod and ARMA II Gold edition as well! Act quick, the sale is only going on for a week!

ARMA II is a military simulator and is a game widely played in the KT community. Members: if you don’t have this game, pick up this KT essential now! Guests and prospective members: feel free to pick up this staple of our community today! Remember, the sale is only active from today (Jan 16th 2014) until next Wednesday (Jan 22nd 2014)

Note from Kilo__: I will be purchasing extra copies of this game. If you want/need this deal, I will be saving keys. Please get in contact with me to get these from me.