Teamspeak Down

Due to what appears to be a server issue on Teamspeak’s side, our main Teamspeak server is temporarily offline. Please contact an administrator for the URL for the temporary backup server.

As of 23:55 MST 16 May 2013 the standard server is back up. Our NPL license from Teamspeak has expired, and did not autorenew (even though the server has been consistently active). I have applied for a new Non-Profit License. Their website states it may take up to 15 business days from the time of submit before approval is granted. This should not affect normal operations, but if the server goes down we will have to manually start it back up.

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One of the founders and administrators of Kilo-Tango, I really focus on trying to come up with new ways that we can present ourselves to the world, and invite new members to our community. Most recently I have begun trying to jump-start both a podcast, and a Let's Play series.