TeamSpeak Downtime

Today the server that hosts our TeamSpeak went down. Unfortunately, we do not have TeamSpeak set to auto-start, when the server comes back up.

We are having some trouble getting the auto-start script to work, but TeamSpeak is back up while we work out the problems.

In addition, due to the outdated nature of our WordPress-PHPBB3 integration plugin, I have disabled it. If you wish to post articles to the blog, you will now require a separate account. Please contact me if you are interested in making blog posts.

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About tkmr

One of the founders and administrators of Kilo-Tango, I really focus on trying to come up with new ways that we can present ourselves to the world, and invite new members to our community. Most recently I have begun trying to jump-start both a podcast, and a Let's Play series.

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